If you represent a local business in Gwynedd and would like to get involved in Buy Local Gwynedd, you may find some of the following documents in our ‘local business toolkit’ useful.

The toolkit is updated periodically, so make sure you check this page regularly.

There is an additional guide to organising events in North Wales, which you can download at the Gwynedd Council website.

Hunaniaith is the language promotion initiative in Gwynedd, and works across all of the county to promote and support the use of the Welsh language in every part of daily life. They work with communities to provide practical opportunities  for people to use the Welsh language, and also work to strengthen the status of the Welsh language in organisations and places of work.

Businesses and establishments are encouraged to complete an on-line self-assessment provided by the Welsh Language Commissioner, to establish current use and possible support needs in regards to the Welsh language. Hunaniaith will, where possible, provide advice and practical  support on the basis of the self-assessment.

If you would like more information about their work, you can contact the team on 01286 679452 or

self audit questionnaire - Buy Local GwyneddComplete this questionnaire to see how well your business performs in terms of buying and selling locally in Gwynedd.

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