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Babi Pur - Buy Local Gwynedd

From packing orders at the kitchen table to global success, Babi Pur is a successful Gwynedd business with the local community at its heart. Here’s what buying locally means to co-owner Jolene Barton.

Here at Babi Pur we know just how important buying locally is and how supporting local businesses either in-store or online is crucial to keeping the local economy, and businesses in it, thriving.

We started small and have grown into a successful company, thanks to all the support we’ve received over the years. As a local business we work very hard to ensure our business benefits and helps the local economy wherever possible, even as our business grows and distributes worldwide.

About Babi Pur

Babi Pur logo - Buy Local GwyneddBabi Pur was set up in 2007 by my husband Peter and I, when our two daughters were very small. We started off small and gradually built up to be the UK’s leading retailer in natural and ethically sourced products for children and their families. It has always been important to us to source ethical and sustainable products that are friendly to the environment and free of nasty toxins; these are the values we have built our business on and we have stuck to them to this day.

We’ve worked so hard to grow Babi Pur based on the ethical and sustainable ethos, as well as giving great customer service; and we’re proud to have won several awards for our efforts. These include being shortlisted to the final five for the Observer Ethical Awards, and we were honoured to have won gold in all four categories of the Go Real Awards for most easy to use website, most extensive range of cloth nappies, biggest social media presence and biggest range of eco-friendly products. We also won the Let Toys be Toys Best Practice award in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Babi Pur is based in Gwynedd and we are so proud to be a local business here; supporting our local economy is very important to us, and we try to do this wherever possible in whatever way we can.

Some ways we do this include hiring local people to work with us. Because we work so hard to keep the business running to a high standard we have a growing need for employees. We currently employ ten members of staff, all of whom are local people; and by doing this we help contribute to the local economy by offering good quality employment and job opportunities to the local people in our area.

Because we are all so passionate about the importance of supporting our local businesses and choose to buy local, a lot of the wages we pay then go back into our economy too.

It is also very important to us to remain in the local area. It’s been suggested in the past that as a growing business, we should outsource our distribution to a central warehouse in England.  We believe it’s important to retain control of stock and despatching so we can maintain our high level of customer service. We’re proud of our position here in Gwynedd and the jobs we’ve created.

As residents in Gwynedd we also contribute to the local economy by using and making the most of the local facilities, businesses and service providers. Our two daughters attend local schools and use local amenities such as the leisure centre and after school clubs such as hockey club, and we are always going to the local beaches in the area; not to mention the various local and small shops we use regularly.

We love our customers

We value all of our customers and are always happy that they choose to shop with us. However, we have a special appreciation for our local customers, as they help us as a local business in many ways.

Although our shop is online based, we do have a warehouse where we store our stock and package up customer orders, and we’re quite often visited by our local customers who like to pop in to say hello and have a look around. We’re proud that our local customers choose to shop with us over other businesses, as not only does it help us stay in business but it also injects money back into our local economy.

Our local customers also help to raise our profile by talking about us and sharing our posts on various social media platforms, which is great in helping us being seen around the world. They also recommend us to their friends and invite us to local events.

Much of our income comes from sales from the whole of the UK, Europe and other countries worldwide, but this ensures that we have more to offer to our local customers.

We also try to give back to our local community and support our local customers by offering cloth nappy demonstrations, which helps them understand cloth nappies better and how to care for them and what brand is right for them; as well as any other questions they may have. We also work with Gwynedd Council to offer a free starter pack of nappies to families in Gwynedd. Not only this but we make sure our staff are formally trained to give help and advice to parents who want to use wraps and slings to carry their babies.

We’ve worked incredibly hard since we set up our business to expand it and make it successful, and are so proud of everything we’ve achieved; we’ve come a long way from packaging orders at the kitchen table and storing our stock under the bed! We hope that we keep going and continue to grow; we love what we do and we love the things we sell, as do our customers. We’re very proud to be a local business in Gwynedd; we try to put back into our economy and strive to help our local community as much as we can, as we know that success starts with local support. We want both our business and other businesses not just to stay open, but to thrive.


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